Second most flagged post EVER on Craigslist: Sexually Abused by a woman?

Sexually Abused by a woman?

Date: 2012-11-27, 11:28PM CST

your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

I am a researcher, and a survivor of abuse, and sexual abuse BY women.

We have been inundated for years with media, and research that is focused on men who abuse, but the facts are, women abuse in greater numbers. The problem is:1) politics 2) legal ramifications for reporting 3) definitions of ‘what IS sexual’ and what is ‘abuse’.

Are you interested in–or in a safe place where you can talk about the women who were sexually inappropriate, or sexually promiscuous with you when you were under the age of 18?


Craigslist: R&R Political Flaggers HATE it when you mention mental retardation (not that being a tard is a BAD thing…)

Dear Management: How come your ass’t manager is a dolt? (Even Retarded people have higher IQ’s)

Date: 2013-01-04, 5:01AM CST

your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

The post below is why we say this cliche’ “morons will be morons–but don’t forget neutrinos!! They keep things hoppening!” But really fuck cliche’s–cuz am the G-d particle, and I am still a mysterious force, beyond your comprehension or control.


So, your assertion that this is the politics section makes you look like a Linnaean categorizer stuck in the ‘head up your ass’ century, while the rest of us wish to move on to the future. And, because you are a professional troll ( you get a welfare check, or SSI, or other free money for being a fat retarded moron sitting in the back of your van and pirating the neighbors wi-fi with a star-cone) you have imagined yourself employed.

But the reality is, you are just another apolitical, semi educated shart of a person–a waste of time trying to figure out how the real world works, one flag at a time–as if each conversation you read–and fail to understand–amounts to some type of critical conquest for you ( because you read it–even if you didn’t understand the .50 cent and up words).

So, in simple, moron math: Looked at post+flagged post= comprehension/revolutions of your donut sized hemorrhoids on your swivel chair= MOOOOOMMM!!! Get me some CHEEEEEETOHSSSS!!!!!!
=Moron fail squared.

You stop flagging, everybody is happy–or just kill yourself: I am sure you could find a gun here if you really needed one. Hell, send me 42.50 via Paypal, I will buy it for you. Oh, wait: you’re that fattard, right? O.K.–$98.99, and I have a cellulite penetrating spud gun–potatoes included– that should keep you busy for weeks.

But please put us all out of your misery, um-kayyyy???

This Is The Politics Section
This is the politics section or any other section that you want it to be. Feel free to rant or rave about politics or any other topic you choose. Of course there are particular sections for discussions about relationships, politics, bicycles, furniture and on and on and on. You may rant or rave about any of those sections here also. Topics are unlimited. Rants and Raves are all inclusive.

……………………………………Signed: Management

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Craigslist: Liberals and Democrats flag more posts than Teabaggers, Republicunts, and Jewtards combined

re: 23 year guy-old skool democrats

Date: 2013-01-04, 6:24AM CST

your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

” If there are any old school Democrats on here you know what I’m talking about, are you happy with this new wave of losers?”

Nope, not happy at all. These new dems are the kind of people who would have called the cops at Woodstock because womens rights were not being respected (all men are rapists, dontcha know), or impeached Kennedy for being Catholic (religion is the opiate of the masses)–these are not democrats as you and I knew them.

They are definitely tending towards a type of Nazi’ism, but these are not your dads Nazis either–these are a new wave of hateful proto-fascists, and National Democratic Socialists–but in “colored” clothing. They just don’t know it yet because they think that only ‘white people’ can be racist, only men can be sexist, only non-Jews can be anti-semitic, and so forth.

These new democrats are: Jews who shit on Palestinians (A thousand Arabs are not worth one Jewish fingernail) Jews who hate Christians and Muslims, and everybody else who is not zionist, or Hollywoodized ; atheists who confuse the atheist movement with feminism (the rebirth of the Virgin Mary, but as an atheist); rationalists who become irrational when examining their own biases (any liberal, anywhere); Puerto Ricans who hate Cubans(really, Columbus fucked us over…No he fucked us over more….Let’s fight about it because we both come from a genital fondling culture, you fag! No, you Fag!! But Columbus waz a white man!!!!! and so forth); blacks who rent property from Jesse Jackson(anywhere on the south and west side of Chicago)….;gayish women who hate all straight men (See you on Maury!) and so forth.


And of course, te’ gays, who only vote from their groin( what a new gay club can legally open in my city???? Where? I’m a Democrat!).

And don’t even get me started on how fucked up black culture is–72% of black women are single mothers who don’t believe that men can make emotional, spiritual, or other contributions to children other than cash.(The newest wave of religious whackery is all these blacks lovin’ the lord, and forgetting how many of their men the lord puts in prison, dead, or in the military because America failed to provide a sustainable economy).


I know exactly what you are talking about. I am no longer one of those democrats, because all of the new ones are infected with the festering ignorance of identity politics. They are all too stupid to read the writing on the wall–too infatuated with Obamaphones, and the pabulum of the welfare state–too clueless to know what hit them until they are the ones sitting at the next Nuremberg trials–or punching buttonholes in a non-union plant for the new Chinese overlords of America.

My guess is that the next Nuremberg will be in Beijing, and these democrats ( who flagrantly tout their version of socialist values) will find themselves to be judged as the next war criminals–if everything works according to historical trends.

But why waste time arguing with them? They wouldn’t know a real democrat if one bit them on the tail of their white sheets….after all, the original Democrats were all Klansman, and the privileged white women of their era who were every bit as involved as the democrat white women of today in the ‘social issues of their time’–which, in these times, finds those same white women, ala Hillary, prolapsing their uteri to get in on the next generations breeding cycle–this time, instead of getting hitched to white sheets, they choose single-mommery, and ethnic fetishization.

In other words, the Dems have come full circle–and the hate that they represent is not color blind–it is directed at straight, white males ( I am guessing you are a white male). Everyone else is welcome to the party–and you know how notoriously atheist these Dems are–so cross burning is an every day event for them.

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Most-flagged post EVER on Craigslist: Resources for Men

Resources for Men

Date: 2013-01-03, 1:11AM CST

your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

Here are resources for Fathers, and other men who have been victims of single moms, the courts, and other injustices and biases against men.

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Brouhaha over another Whoohah: Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton, prostitute and not ashamed about it one tit.

Feminists sure do get pissed when a woman takes “empowerment” seriously–and profits from it, without sharing her proceeds with feminists,pimps, and other cunts. After all–most feminists are neither attractive, empowered, or serious, despite their attempts at keeping up with the issues–who cares what middle class white women(feminists) have to say about anything?

And none of these feminists share, unless it is with that fat albatross Oprah Winfrey–a panderer and pimp if there ever was one. Police-state fauxminists(phony feminists who act only as destroyers of human rights, and act as agents of a police state) like Oprah Winfrey make their living off of men who have good wood–they take every opportunity to demonize men, while hiding the abuses that women perpetrate.

But Ms. Hamilton, who bears a passing resemblance to Chelsea Handler ( both of them are hot, and wonderfully feminine) is in the hot-seat because she likes to have sex–and has no shame about it. After all, Olympians–and the Olympics, are basically a celebration of sex.

Only in America the “land of the free” is it somehow shameful for a woman to admit that she exercises her freedom to enjoy sex. But Olympian Suzy Favor HamiltonImage is one hot mess right now because she admits she sold her body for sex–and enjoyed it! AND, she made a lot of money doing that;-)

Yet somehow, this seems to rankle the feathers of Americas rank and file patriots, hypocrites, feminists, and the police state (same thing in the latter case–is there any difference between the people chipping away at American Freedom, and Feminists–feminists are all female cops, and morality police, in disguise) that makes tons of money off of criminalizing sexual behavior between consenting adults.

The saddest thing in this story is how feminism, the media, and the police state has “framed” the issue of sexuality as one of “deviance” meaning that people who are caught ( caught by window peeking perverts and morality police who hide behind religion) doing something sexual, pleasing, or otherwise doing something non-harmful–have to then describe their actions to a wider society of morons as actions that were taken ( good, satisfying fucking, and other consensual actions) as somehow motivated by mental disease, or defect.

Imagine that. People who are fuly in control of their sexuality are defective, whereas people who peek in your windows, hunt you down across state lines, and who pry into your personal business are ” normal”.

man, I wish the Spartans were around–they would kill these perverts who try to control our bodies…Image


Suzy Favor Hamilton was born and raised in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She won 11 state titles in high school and was named one of the top 100 high school athletes of the century. Suzy became the winningest female collegiate athlete ever at University of Wisconsin, winning nine NCAA championships, the Honda Broderick Cup as the nation’s top female collegiate athlete and Big Ten Athlete of the Decade for the ’90s. Suzy is a three-time Olympian and the holder of seven U.S. National Championships, and she has run sub-4 in the 1500m five times, with a personal best of 3:57.40.Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton

brouhaha over the whoohaha

Finally, female sex offenders are being noticed–because awareness of female pedophiles woke you up.


Female Pedophiles and sex offenders look just like any other woman–mothers, aunts, nannies, and teachers. Ursula Janokowska, above, is one such pedophile. Lesbian pedophiles often hide behind traditional roles in order to gain access to young girls.

Yet another female “teacher”has been indicted for sexually abusing a young girl, which is perhaps the most under-reported form of pedophilia.

Fox news reports that ” Urszula Jankowska, 33, was arrested on Monday. She was charged with criminal sex act, forcible touching and endangering the welfare” of a young girl.

Lesbians have for decades avoided the media limelight when it comes to getting caught molesting young girls, but only recently has this issue been brought to light.

Whereas most young girls between the ages of eight and eighteen become aware of lesbian gym teachers, few of them talk about it openly. And, because lesbians and female pedophiles hide behind the mantle of female archetypes ( mothers, gym teachers, baby-sitters), most children–and especially little girls– are not aware that women can be–and often are–pedophiles.

Think about that, next time you buy girl-scout cookies…

The problem with science as an authority: first-tier bias and lack of imagination.*

I personally have a problem with what we are told to accept as scientific authority, because many if not all scientists are boneheads–and they are biased beyond belief.

They are beyond belief because they are either unwilling to admit their biases, or, they willingly, and knowingly perpetuate their bias as a covert act of dishonesty.

Below, is a skullcap, said to be dented by an act of human violence–but there are other possible explanations:


Maba Man’s skull shows that he got a bump on his head–nothing more, nothing less.

Yet there is absolutely NO PROOF that the dent in this skull was caused directly,or indirectly,by human violence. But the National Geographic has said that this dent in a human skull is the result of violence, at human hands.

Authority–and scientific authority–in this and many, if not most cases, perpetuates violence, rather than many other plausible alternatives. It seems to be the default mechanism of “modern science”.

In this case, the well known magazine/web giant manages to inject a bias into debate about a dent in a skull, an anonymous skull that is 126,000 years old. Their headline?  “Bashed Skull Is Earliest Evidence of Human Aggression?”

On the surface, the headline walks the narrow line between deception, and truth. It posits a truth in the form of a self indulgent, affirmative phrase that doesn’t merely posit a conclusion, but asserts one, and then adds an almost superfluous–but apparently vindicating– question mark, as if that question mark passes for objective or skeptical inquiry, rather than evidence.

Nowhere in the story– the so-called evidence– is there any definitive proof whatsoever that the skull exhibits aggression caused by humans; yet some scientist, somewhere, says that  “scans [of the skull] revealed a skull fracture caused by blunt force trauma. The victim was probably clubbed with a weapon such as a stone, heavy bone, or lump of wood,” and this ( as usual when it comes to scientific bias) is “according to a new study.”

There is always some new study these days perpetuating some form of violence–and there is always some ” official source (in this case Nat Geo) that affirms the bias.

Beneath the surface of this headline, we see other agendas: class bias–why didn’t the scientist posit that it was a work related injury? Likely because scientists don’t actually work! Not in the way most Americans do.

Why couldn’t a rock have fallen on this old guys head? Back in the old days ( 126,000 years ago) people went on hikes because they had to–in order to survive.

But fast forward a few years, and we have scientists who go on nature hikes behind their university to blow off steam ( or in the liberal case, each other–maybe…) and forget how hard the underpaid groundskeeper works to keep those grounds pristine.

Before you get all Freudian on me, and speculate that maybe I have problems with authority figures in general ( I do) or that maybe I am one of those who never grew up, and who resents being told what to do,and say ( I haven’t yet adopted that ‘in the box’ approach to life), let me explain my bias: science is full of scientists, and that is a problem for the rest of us.

Science is currently over-run with two dueling camps of fanatics: conservatives who infuse science with religion, and the opposite, liberals who infuse science with every single other fanatical opposition to religious dogma.

This last camp is perhaps the worst, because there are more of them,and they lie, blatantly. Each lie they tell is tied to a bigger, greater set of dogmas designed (perhaps nobly intentioned at some point, but now, as bad as those they claim to combat)

And scientists lie, and they lie often.

Why? Because by its very nature, science is a biased enterprise, that seeks to cajole the masses to accept ITS biases–and most, if not all research has as its main goal the attainment of capital–science is a capitalist enterprise–and it is biased in the direction of driving capital flow.

Scientists are prone to lying precisely because the organizations that they are employed by require that scientists meet certain thresh holds of ‘skeptical inquiry’ in order to renew their funding every year ( or decade, biennium, whatever). so, for example, in the 1950’s, any scientist who was against one of those crazy, abusive torture chamber type initiatives funded by the american government didn’t get funding if he crossed the ‘skeptical threshold’ of inquiry.

Again–before you imagine that I am anti-capitalist ( I am not) or perhaps I am a socialist ( I have those tendencies), I will tell you that capitalism by ITS very nature seeks conclusions that fit in with the goal of making money–it is formulaic, and actually somewhat static in it’s approach. But capital endeavor often lacks imagination, and in this case, fails completely to explain the dent in that old guys head.

Science is rooted in funding that comes from sources that expect financial rewards. Universities get government funding based upon research, and the reputation of doing ‘good’ research. Government itself doles out billions, if not trillions per year looking to recoup more money over and above the initial funding allocations.

we can expect hat from private think-tanks, because that’s why they are private. But funding this kind of junk science with tax dollars is one fiscal cliff that we need to jump off of–it’s funding non-objective science, and dethroning the reigning icons of “culture” that perpetuate lies, and aggression.

Maybe it’s time to bash this false notion of scientific objectivity over the head.

* first-tier: Americans live in a two tiered society, with no real middle class anymore. Scientists as such, are at the bottom of the upper tier–the guardians and gatekeepers against the tyranny of the masses”–the ignorance of common sense, and those who practice it.

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Tough Chicks make all of us safer in the world–especially if they have as much sex as they can, before fighting.


UFC champ Ronda Rousey, right, socks it out wit Miesha Tate in Columbus, Ohio, on March 3. (Esther Lin / Getty Images / December 6, 2012)

Have you been following the new women’s UFC champ Ronda Rousey? I sure have, and i will tell you why: many women whine about how men should be nice to women, or


Men only speak badly to women who want men to speak badly to them, or women who obviously want something from them.

how women are all afraid of being raped, or are in some way inferior to men–what bullshit.

I can wade in from experience that good women kick ass, and if more women learned to kick ass, fewer neo-nazi’s with cushy jobs in the police state would be able to ‘step up to the plate to protect women and children’ like the fake-asses always tell you how women need protection; fewer feminists would exist–because all the tough chicks would kick their asses for whining so much, and liberals would have to face up to the reality that most women can kick their asses–with the added benefit that men who just shouldn’t breed would be weeded out of the vagina pool, because they can’t keep up with tough chicks…

And who can’t love a girl who tells the truth? Women who tell the truth are more rare than pink diamonds…


I love the color pink–especially if it is a rough ass diamond.

Soooooo many women are caught up lying to themselves and lying to others about their sexuality( trying to be ‘good girls’ instead of good companions) that men and women in America almost never marry anymore.

But Rousey says  that she has “as much sex as possible” before her fights, claiming it raises her testosterone level. And that flies in the face of all that bullshit science claiming otherwise. and Rousey looks like the kind of woman who might deserve some good sex–just look at her impish smile!rousey

In fact, it would be safe to say that our nation–led by Jewish gangsters and Hollywood propagandists, and their half-educated, willing slaves, the Christians *, all agree on one thing: If you are going to be the shepherd, make sure the sheep don’t decide for themselves how much estrogen or testosterone they generate–and, especially, keep the girls away from physical stuff…like good sex…

Thanks, Rousey, for telling it like it is! Now, can I get you in my corner to help me fight all the fags** and trolls on Craigslist?

*OOOoops: I meant to say: ” Judeo-Christian society.” That’s the politically correct term, right? You know, JC society–that collusion of murderers who seem to agree on only one thing: That murderous Jews can hide in the background, while their servants, the murderous Christians do all the dirty work of proselytizing a phony G-d to the masses–and especially as long as those murderous Christians don’t kill off their bosses, the murderous Jews. That hasn’t worked yet, like getting rid of bedbugs…

And don’t even get me started on that bastard religion started by that pedophile Mohamed…

** fags: those people in the world who make no real difference whatsoever. Many straight people are incredible fags, but the real fags–homosexuals–really suck these days ( not that they never didn’t suck cuz that’s what fags do, but gee whizz–they have such a potential to make a difference in the world and all they whine about is MARRIAGE? Marriage is one of the biggest failed business propositions in Modern society)–but that is what FAGS want??? Ri-DICK-ulous…


Update on my personal Internet stalker: His/her/its personality split! ( and so did he/she/it, apparently)

So, my posts in Minneapolis R&R section of Craigslist seem to have survived the incredibly witty onslaught–and a massive flagging DOS attack!!! and an attempt by the one and only almighty Minneapolis area Craigslist stalker–(gee am I lucky–I feel like Lindsay Lohan getting head in a jail cell AND firing up a toasty spleef that was smuggled between some prison guards buttcheeks!)–and their threats have dissipated–for now.

So, while I am starting to breath again, and while my heart settles down from the fearful, anxiety ridden panic attack stalked,  twenty-four hour period where I shat myself, and dreamed bad things,  thinking *gasp* that my posts would be flagged and duhleted, I will take this time to reflect on everything I did wrong in my research….um…Nope.

Nothing. It was flawless.

And about what went right?

Apparently, some possibly educated, non-troll peeked into the same type of dullness and predictable shenanigans that I did with my stalker, using linguistic analysis! And, of course, like, ten other typical, trite, predictable trolls chimed in ( see note at bottom of page), because they learned a new word “winguistics”.

See what happens when you cast a little net into a sea of poopy mouthed trolls, all frothed up over their troll butties?  Sometimes, genuine intellect reveals itself and us non-trolls actually begin a conversation…

The post below is three layers of troll-shit deep, so follow me briefly if you want to: I posted and noted that my stalker had certain qualities of speech that revealed who they are;  another person responded appropriately b/c they actually could spell linguistics, and had knowledge of the topic at hand–and that person was soundly derided by a moron.

So, to be clear–none of these are my posts, and only the one at the beginning and end make any sense whatsoever. In layman’s terms, this person makes sense–I will mark their posting with the ubiquitous asterisk*.

The response to this persons post is from either a) a troll, or b) the same person playing call and response to their own post ( which I doubt in this case b/c the troll is so obviously a troll) So, the purported troll shall be marked with the ubiquitous capital letter D< for DumberThanShit, and < lesser than any other thing.


But before I go there, a special point of note: one troll left a note that summed up everything about himself in one, well written sentence–it said “At weast I know dat I am a joke, hoo exists onwy for da amusement of udders”

Imagine that? A troll that knows that the sum total of their entire life is a joke…and that they are basically a doormat with a smiley face on it.

RE: RE re: Psychological Profile of an Internet stalker

Date: 2012-12-04, 12:05PM CST

* Thanks for the post. I saved his website in my favorites.

I’ve studied linguistics and find his conclusions to be very interesting and accurate. I enjoy reading the posts on this board because I like looking at the language patterns of the trolls who simply want a negative reaction from others. The trolls on this board, which is most of the people who come here, are people who are missing something in their lives. They have a difficult time getting others to listen to them and take them seriously. They do not speak to people face to face the way they communicate on here and it shows in what they write. Anonymity is what attracts them to interact online and it shows in their awkward language. They create a duo personality. They pretend to be someone they’re not. Ask anyone who has dated online.”

D<The above post is fucking hilarious. You get the Darwin award for doing and being exactly what you whined about in your post. What are YOU doing here? Anonymously? Here all day and all night. What’s the matter, can’t get anyone to listen to you face to face? What are YOU missing ikn your life that you need to come here? Your personality is obviously why people ignore you and why you have so much time to spend here raking people for their opinions. You are truly a sad little person. can’t even see that you are exactly what you are describing. Bwhahahahahahahahahahahh


* Okay I’ll bite.

The two main language patterns used by trolls are presuppositions and universal quantifiers.
A presupposition is something that is assumed to be true. A universal quantifier is an is an absolute, words like always, never etc…

I was speaking in generalizations and you turned my words into UQ.

Example, I said: “They have a “difficult” time getting others to listen to them and take them seriously.”
And in response you said: “What’s the matter, “can’t” get anyone to listen to you face to face?”

Also, my “face to face” comment had nothing to do with others listening, only style of communication.

You said: Your personality is obviously why people ignore you and why you have so much time to spend here raking people for their opinions.

How many presuppositions are in there as a UQ?

1-People ignore me.
2- My personality is why people ignore me.
3-I rake peoples opinions.
4-I have “so much time”
5-All this is obvious.

I told you why I read posts on this board but you said: “What are YOU doing here?” Then you went on to answer your own question in the form of questions. This is very common in verbal communication as well. Instead of listening to others view points, people will make statements about them that have nothing to do with their viewpoint.

These are just a few. My post was a generalization of trolls that post and was not an attack on any one person. You on the other hand, went on a rant about me. A troll will pretend to know a person, their motives, personality, lifestyle and other aspects of a person. I don’t take it personally, it’s more of an interesting observation.


So, without wasting toooo much more time on this nearly dead subject, I will note that subject (*) has noted that trolls use presupositions ( which is arguable, but accurate on some level)

Subject (D<) then says that subject * is on CL ” all day and all night.”

Could there be an easier win for *? Methinks not….

So this is an invitation to subject * to become involved in a larger conversation, should you be interested, *.  I don’t fully agree with your main hypotheses–I think it is too brief–but you are on theright track. Feel free to reply below, or on CL at my sooper-anonymous e-mail.

Trolls are welcome as well, but here, on this blog, you have to make up a nice fictitious name, so that I can identify you in conversation–if you are onoherent, or use multiple names, I will delete you( you are welcome to remain anonymous , but please post as some kind of name, for the sake of conversation).

Note at bottom of page: most trolls are un or under-educated people with dull lives, and dull jobs–if employed at all. Many if not all of them have rage issues, bullying habits, and unresolved issues from childhood thta they attempt to work out anonymously on the internet.

In this case, their is the education mocking troll ” YOU ThinK YER SOOoo SMArt!!”; the tawking wike dis twoll, the repressed but envious gay man troll and the why-dontcha-shaddup-about-it troll. These don’t concern me, for the most part.

I am focused on the cyber-bullies, and the sado-trolls who are often the ones who become stalkers, and rapists in real life ( if they aren’t already).

Psychological Profile of an Internet stalker.

I am developing a linguistic analyses of a particular internet stalker on Craigslist. You can read the posts just before this one for back story.

Stalkers do leave clues, even when they don’t mean to, and ESPECIALLY, when they try to hide behind anonymity.

As a fan of anonymity, AND a free speech advocate myself, I would be the last person to censor a persons opinion, or a persons attempt to limit a political view, or whatever, but in the case of this particular stalker, they have taken extreme measures, and extreme measure call for extreme responses.

So, here, for now, is a basic list of phrases that this stalker uses–and these phrases, like all language, are indicators of certain aspects of personality, or educational level, or aspects of “regional dialect,” and so forth (see, I just used a regional phrase–‘and so forth’, which is commonly used by pedants everywhere who get tired of explaining stuff; also used as shorthand for people who know the topic, and who are able to fill in the blanks)

Here is a short list of these indicators that I have gleaned from this particular stalkers language from todays posts alone, and my tentative analyses of those phrases:

Before I get into my list of phrases, I would like to thank my stalker for this complement:

“You are so wise, just* and emotionally stable” This would be true indeed. If this person were anything but a dangerous pervert, or a potential murderer, I would respond to it in a decent way–but from post 1, onward, they have been an insulting, bullying, useless waste of time. However, I will note that this stalker uses the colloquial use of the word ‘just’, which I will discuss below.

1) think that it high time

High time? Or High Times, the magazine? In this case, I am dealing with a moron with the basic reading skills of CL. So definitely not someone who reads other material, much less the works of Shakespeare ( where we find the phrase “It’s High time” in the 16th century), or that bastion of liberal thought and analyses, High Times magazine.

No, this use of the phrase comes from someone who has never read ol’ Shakes, but rather, likely got an education from The Beverly Hillbillies, and Jed Clampett . Just imagine ol’ Jed ” It’s-a high time you blah blah blah…”

Verdict:Rural, white person, or white person not-far-removed from hillbillies
2)trying to make this place holy…

This is a very peculiar, insular phrase, and is what it indicates: a phrase from someone who has a religious affiliation–not an atheist, not a thinker, and someone who has likely never read the Bible, but has some familiarity with it, or with those who quote from it, but never read it. Also, this phrase is a total projection on the part of the speaker–as if in their own mind, they are about to put the feer of the lawd in me; about to chastise me for my attempts at (*gasp) trying to make sense!

And the last thing on this earth you will ever find me doing is making things “holy”

Verdict: Religious nutjob
3) That’s some language…

Yes, Jed Clampett ” that’s some language thar thet I be usin’ fer sher…” as if the speaker–being an under-educated moron, is shocked to see words that go together in some form other than a ranting hill-folk patois.

Verdict: again, white, undereducated, and of the generation that has a passing familiarity with the Beverly Hillbillies, or any of a number of other bad TV shows from the 1960’s. someone in their mid thirties, to ?? possibly 70’s.

4) I can just tell by the way you violently lash out at…

Lil’ perjection thar Jed? Here we have a common midwestern word grouping. whereas one could say ” I can tell that…” Or ” your words indicate…” or any of a number of other educated phrases, this elaboration in phrasing suggests rural Mid-western associations–an attempt by the speaker to put more words together to sound smart, rather than putting smart words together. Oh–and a heapin’ helpin’ of projections in regards to violence–trolls, feminists, and morons always interpret educated or descriptive words as ‘violent.’

Verdict: again, white person, probably rural, probably ashamed of a poor education, and violence is in their thoughts.
5) Just because…

I will simply note that the speaker uses the phrase ‘just’ quite a bit, which I will address in the next phrase
6) just Grow up…

I like this one a lot. It appears in 50% of it’s various posts and hate mail, and it indicates many things about the speaker a) they are focused on maturity versus immaturity, so I could be right–they are old, or at least, addled b) they are again using the word just c) they are projecting their opinion of me as a speaker, and somehow concluding that they are more mature than I. Which, of course, is rather moot, because I never tried to project maturity, and it doesn’t concern me–it does concern them, and the idea of JUDGEMENT.

The word just, is the root word of  justice, after all, so see point number 2 above and the religious issue.Justice is a theme for this stalker–in fact many rapists and stalkers, etc. have serious issues of ‘judgement’, and particularly, religious judgement on their minds.

7) My advice is for you….

Did I ever ask this stalker for advice? No–and people who offer unsolicited advice envision themselves in some role of power–as if they know their own head from their ass–when they don’t. And, as some will tell you, mothers often offer unsolicited advice ( .pdf here)

I posted as a researcher, got some great responses from healthy people, and then–WHAMMO!–my very own pro-pedophile crusader who has chosen my postings to flag and harass! Did this stalker/pedophile/rapist type person ever offer a story, or a link, or anything of value? Nope.

Did this stalker choose to flag the posts that others left on CL–the posts that condone teenagers getting shot in the head, the posts recommending that women get beaten, or the posts that threaten to rob the homes of others? Nope.

This stalker chose me( lucky me!!) to stalk, and harass.So, the unsolicited advice is just another social no-no that this stalker is unaware of. So here, courtesy of Cracked online, are the five types of people who give unsolicited advice:

Unsolicited advice almost always comes from people who are too cowardly to show their real face in public

Unsolicited advice almost always comes from people who are too cowardly to show their real face in public